Migrant & Seasonal Head Start

Migrant & Sesonal Headstart

Migrant and Seasonal Head Start (MSHS) is a federally funded comprehensive child development program based on four cornerstones:

Child Development  |  Family Development |  Community Building  |  Staff Development

MSHS serves children ages 6 weeks  through 5 years and their families who meet the migrant and income guidelines at the Alliance and Scottsbluff sites.

Children are served five days a week, 10 hours each day.

Alliance Site operates April – October. Scottsbluff Site operates June – August.

Our Goal

The overall goal of the Head Start Program is to increase to a greater degree the social competence of young children in low-income families.

Our Vison

To provide a nurturing environment for migrant and seasonal families

which empowers families to develop their strengths and talents to provide a brighter future for their children.

To provide a safe, loving, stimulating, fun environment. An environment with a firm foundation conducive to learning that will encourage a positive outlook, increase self esteem and develop confidence, trust and independence.

Eligibility Criteria

Migrant and Seasonal families wishing to enroll their children must meet the following requirements:
  • Families must move from one geographic location to another within the last 24 months to do agricultural  labor (Migrants)
    At least 51% of the family income must come from agricultural work
  • Parents must be working in agriculture or actively seeking work in agriculture during the months of service
  • Must meet the poverty level income guidelines (children who come from families with slightly higher income may be able to participate when space is available) once all income eligible children have been enrolled
  • Children must be between the ages of 6 weeks and  5 years old. If they turn 6 before May 26th of the service year, they do not qualify
  • Children with special needs are given preference when meeting the above criteria.

How To Enroll

Applications are filled out in person:

3350 10th Street
No appointment needed

912 Box Butte St.
Please call to make an appointment: 308-761-0401

 Please bring the following documentation:

  • Birth Certificate or a legal document that has the child’s date of birth.
  • Proof of income (1040, W-2, pay-stubs, TANF/AFDC, we need a year worth of income documentation)
  • Proof that 51% of household income comes from agriculture labor.

Other Services


10% of our enrollment is dedicated to children with special needs. Screenings allow for early intervention. Families are given all the resources they need to address these issues.

Mental Health

Head Start programs promote mental health and wellness by supporting the social and emotional development of every child. Teachers help children to grow emotionally and socially through the Second Step Curriculumn. Disorder prevention, education, treatment, and follow-up are also a vital element of this area.


Curriculumn plays a vital role in achieving Head Start’s goal of enhancing the social competence and school readiness of children. Our Child Development Program has implented the High/Scope Curriculum which recognizes active learning that honors a child’s individual growth, development and learning style, as well as individual family culture.


Head Start is responsible for teaching children how to lead healthy lives. A significant outcome of that task is dependent upon safe and appropiate food choices balances with opportunites for physical activity. Activites are planned throughout the routine to achieve this.

Family Development

Parent involvement is the hallmark for Head Start. Parent participation in the design of activites and experiences assists in expanding parental strengths and interests. Parents who are more involved have an opportunity to understand more about how their children grow and develop.


Head Start and Early Head Start programs support the transition of all children and their families as they move from one education setting to another


Because children must be health and well-nourished in order to learn, Head Start pays particular attention to health. Head Start ensures that all enrolled children have timley immunizations and screenings for cognitive development, basic health, speech and language, hearing, vision and dental health.


Some centers offer transportaion to and form the center classroom. Every child is protected by a 5-point safety belt. Drivers are certified CDL drivers and all riders trained in safe transportaion procedures.

Services Provided


Staff Members

People Served

Get In Touch

Location: 3350 10th St, Gering, Nebraska

Telephone: 308.635.3089

Email: info@capwn.org

School Hours: M-F: 8am – 5pm


Main Phone: 308.635.3089

Fax: 308.635.0264

Health Clinic: 308.632.2540

Health Clinic Fax: 308.633.2650

Behavioral Health: 308.633.5766

Toll-Free: 888.448.9665