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Meeting community needs all across Western Nebraska is what Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska is all about. In a nutshell we are about Helping People, Changing Lives.  But sometimes, there are projects that arise which have not been funded through the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska budget process.  That’s where the Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska Foundation comes in.

 We act to help Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska by reaching out for charitable contributions that ultimately can be used for further service to the community.  The Foundation enhances all the good that the folks of Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska do each and every day.  You can help us help them!  Your tax deductible donation means more good can be accomplished each and every year. 

Do you have room in your heart and wallet to help?  Then call us today and find out just what extra good you can help us do!

Board of Directors

Through its Board of Directors, Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska has access to a wide range of valuable expertise. It includes representatives from grassroots community members and the Head Start Policy Council which provide a voice in expressing the needs and desires of the communities. In addition, the Board is equally represented by members of the private, public and resident sector, creating a balanced perspective in promoting policies to best serve the needs of low-income communities.

President – Maunete Loeks Van Patten
Vice President – Jeff Metz
David Brostrom
Linda Guzman- Gonzalez
Julie Betancourt
Randy Miller
Carrie Howton
Randy Miller

Crystal Nielsen
Julia Roy
Danny Reynaga
Nora Robinson
Carl Stander
Kelly Rice
Ken Meyer
Maricia Guzman

You Can Make A Difference

Types of Gifts

Q&A About Gift Giving

Monetary Donation

The simplest way to give.  Your gift is tax deductible.  You can make a donation right now on-line by clicking the Donate button above.

Gifts of Securities

Provides a charitable income tax deduction, avoids capital gains taxes and reduces potential estate taxes.

Tangible Personal Property

A gift that allows you to deduct the fair market value of the gift, avoid all capital gains taxes and remove that asset from your taxable estate.

A gift as part of your Will or Bequest

A way to defer a gift until after your lifetime and leave a lasting legacy.

Gifts of real estate

A gift with triple tax benefits.

Donor advised funds

A gift of funds to be given in allocations, amounts and purposes specified by the donor.

Life Insurance

A gift of a hidden asset.

Why does CAPWN need private gifts/investments?

CAPWN is funded through local, state and federal grants.  These grants provide basic funding.  Private support advances basic services to exceptional service to individuals, children and families.

What do private gifts accomplish at CAPWN?

Local, state and federal funding allow CAPWN to provide basic services.  Private gifts allow CAPWN to reach more clients, increase our visibility throughout the service area, expand and enhance services, launch new programs, renovate and expand old buildings, and provide the financial means for new construction.

Who gives to CAPWN?

Committed individuals, businesses and foundation in the community who recognize that helping people become self-sufficient benefits the entire community.

Do all gifts really make a difference?

Absolutely!  All gifts are appreciated and benefit CAPWN.  Gifts of all amounts enhance available resources.

Nite at the Races

Annual Community Action Health Center Fundraiser

The Foundaton’s signature event, A Nite at the Races, provides an opportunity for guests to enjoy a fun evening for a good cause.



Staff Members

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Location: 3350 10th St, Gering, Nebraska

Telephone: 308.635.3089


School Hours: M-F: 8am – 5pm


Main Phone: 308.635.3089

Fax: 308.635.0264

Health Clinic: 308.632.2540

Health Clinic Fax: 308.633.2650

Behavioral Health: 308.633.5766

Toll-Free: 888.448.9665

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