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Youth Programs


How we Work

Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska Youth Programs has programming in all 11 counties of the Panhandle to help area youth in need. We offer innovative programming ranging from prevention to intervention and aftercare that is based in a trauma informed philosophy.  Housing Programs are a licensed provider for DHHS and Probation.

Trauma Informed Care is a strength based framework that is grounded in an understanding of and responsiveness to the impact of trauma, that emphasizes physical, psychological, and emotional safety for both providers and survivors and that creates opportunities for survivors to rebuild a sense of control and empowerment. We believe in building developmental assets with our young people by providing high quality services and staff  who understand the building blocks that need to be in place for youth to grow and become caring, competent adults.

What We Offer:

Teen Outreach Program

Youth Shelter

The Teen Outreach Program is an after school club that will be operating out of the Drop In Youth Center in Scottsbluff as well as the Sidney Outreach office in Sidney.  This program is provided at no cost to youth once per week after school. Youth participate in lessons geared toward preventing teen pregnancy as well as reducing school dropout behavior.  During the afterschool club, the youth plan, organize, and hold a community service learning project.  Contact Deb Shuck for information on openings in the program.

The Panhandle Youth Shelter has served youth in the Panhandle of Nebraska since 1984. The shelter is a licensed facility with a 14 bed capacity.  We accept referrals from Health and Human Services, Probation, and the community. Youth experiencing homelessness or other struggles can access the shelter 24 hours a day/7 days a week. The Shelter can also provide crisis intervention for families who need placements for youth. The service for families is provided at no cost to them.  Contact Stephanie Wilhelm or Deb Shuck for more information. or

Group Home

Housing Programs

Group Home is for older youth in need of independent living supports to achieve overall better health.  Youth are able to receive quality care in their own communities while working toward independent living goals. Youth can stay for 3-6 months while working on transitioning to another home or working toward moving into other supportive housing offered by CAPWN.  Contact Stephanie Wilhelm for more information

Youth Leadership Council and Project Everlast

Providing resources, connections, leadership opportunities and support to young adults who’ve had foster care experience or experience with probation or homelessness.

Working together we can help people and change lives.


Housing Programs serve youth experiencing homelessness ages 18-24 through a variety of settings.   While in the program, youth can complete their education, access much needed health care supports,  and participate in skill building classes. Youth also are assisted in finding employment.

Transitional Supportive Housing Program provides apartments to youth experiencing homelessness ages 18-24 for up to 24 months. While in this program, youth work to obtain income supports, and stable, permanent housing.


Permanent Supportive Housing Programs provide apartments to youth experiencing homelessness ages 18-24. There are apartments available to single young people as well as some apartments for young families.




Please contact Sabrina Sosa at or if you are interested in our housing programs

Central Navigation

Contact Youth Programs

If you are a parent or a young person who could benefit from any of these programs please contact us.


Betsy Vidlak Youth Program Director



Or the 24 hours a day hot-line at 308-635-7777

Central Navigation is a system of supports for youth ages 14-24 who may be homeless, at risk of homelessness, a ward of the State or former ward of the State, or otherwise unconnected to supports. Through Central Navigation, youth/parents/system partners can help connect youth to needed resources and supports within their own community. Supports include housing, host homes, case management, food security, education and much more.  Central Navigation serves the entire Panhandle of Nebraska and can connect with other system partners across Nebraska.

For more information or to refer a young person please contact Deb Shuck at 635-7777.



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