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Helping People, Changing Lives

Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska is a Community Action Partnership and member of a national network of over 1,000 community action agencies across America.  We are a non-profit community based health and human services organization that serves low-income, disadvantaged, and those unable to meet their needs through other sources.  The agency was established in 1965 and provides services to over 9,000 individuals, children and families in four main program areas:


Child Development

Health Center

Community Bridges

Youth Programs


As a Community Action Partnership our vision is to create communities where everyone has an opportunity for a successful life. Our mission is to strengthen people and communities to help themselves and improve lives.

While some programs serve a wider area, the main service area is the southern panhandle area of Nebraska. The agencies’ programs impact hundreds of lives daily through their dedicated work.


Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska’s home office and community health center are located in Gering. The agency holds a 501(C) (3) designation by the Internal Revenue Service and is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of community leaders, low-income representatives and elected officials.

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Community Action changes people's lives, embodies the spirit of hope, improves communities and makes America a better place to live.  We care about the entire community and we are dedicated to helping people help themselves and each other.



Program Directors and Board of Directors


Communities where everyone has an opportunity for a successful life.



To strengthen people and communities to help themselves and improve lives.


Key Beliefs

Integrity - We treat all people with dignity and respect.



Compassion - We believe working compassionately with people enriches all.


Inclusion - We are inclusive and advocate for diversity.


Collaboration - We believe working in partnerships strengthens communities; we seek mutually-beneficial partnerships that advance a common mission.


Innovation - We embrace opportunities to learn, grow and make wise choices.



Financial Stability



Service Enhancements


Marketing and Public Relations





Staff Development


CAPWN Programs Directors

CAPWN Board of Directors

Executive Director: Margo Hartman

Executive Secretary: Leigh Thompson

Child Development Programs: Sarah Ochoa

Community Bridges Programs: Sarah Ochoa

Health Programs: Jeff Tracy

Youth Programs: Betsy Vidlak



Through its Board of Directors, Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska has access to a wide range of valuable expertise. It includes representatives from grassroots community members and the Head Start Policy Council which provide a voice in expressing the needs and desires of the communities. In addition, the Board is equally represented by members of the private, public and resident sector, creating a balanced perspective in promoting policies to best serve the needs of low-income communities.

Working together we can help people and change lives.


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CAPWN Board Members are:

President - Tim Nolting

Vice-President - Maunetee Loeks-Van Patten

Secretary/Treasure - Kimberly Flaherty

David Brostrom

Chuck Karpf

Jeff Metz

Steve Olson

Leslie Perez

Steve Stratton

Mary Trevino

Policy Council Representative

Armando Esparza

Jennifer Diodene

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Main Phone: 308.635.3089

Toll-Free:  888.448.9665

Health Center: 308.632.2540

Fax: + 308.635.0264


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